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Patient Accounting

Patient AccountingUnderstanding Your Responsibilities and Millcreek’s Commitment

Thank you for choosing the hospital and we are committed to clinical excellence and innovation in meeting your health care needs.

We understand that billing and payment for health care services can be confusing and complicated. We are here to assist you with information on how we process your bill(s).

The information below is designed to help you understand what we can do to assist you, what you can do to assist us and your insurance plan, and how we can help if you have difficulty paying your bills.

Hospital Bills

Bills from the hospital include, but are not limited to, laboratory, radiology and other testing services (referred to as ancillary services), operating room services, emergency, pharmacy, medical supplies, inpatient room and board and other services provided by the hospital. You may receive a bill for each time you visit the hospital.

Call us with Billing Questions

If you have any questions about your bill(s), please contact the billing department and request to speak with a patient account representative Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. Please call 868-8251

Who Can Discuss a Bill?

Confidentiality is important. Our Patient Account Representatives may only speak with the patient or the person designated in writing by the patient to receive the bill(s) on behalf of the patient. This is required by federal and state law.

Have Your Statement on Hand

To help us answer your questions efficiently, have a copy of your statement, insurance card(s) and any additional information available. Please note call times are heaviest on Mondays.

Mailing Instructions

To ensure that we credit your account properly, tear off the top portion of your bill and mail it in the envelope provided. If paying by check, write your account number(s) on your check.

Where are we located?

The Patient Accounting Department is located at 5539 Peach Street. Once you enter the front doors, to the right will be the receptionist

How long will it take to bill the insurance company?

Generally, it will take 45 days to obtain payment from the insurance carrier.

How can you obtain a detailed or itemized statement?

Simply call the Business Office at 868-2851 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM

What is the difference between Medicare Par A and Medicare Part B Explanation of Benefits forms?

Part A covers inpatient hospitalization and Part B covers outpatient physician service.

Can I pay my co-payment or balance by credit card?

Millcreek Community Hospital accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You may charge any payment utilizing one of these credit cards. We can also take this information of the phone by calling 868-8251 if it is inconvenient for you to come to the department.

We Bill Your Insurance Directly

For services typically covered by insurance, we will bill your primary insurance company, and if applicable, your secondary insurance company as a courtesy, including Medicare and Medicaid. It is important to remember that health insurance coverage varies and some services may not be covered. If you have questions regarding your health insurance coverage, please call your insurance company to better understand how your policy works prior to receiving care at Millcreek Community Hospital.

Itemized Statements for Attorneys

If your account is a result of an automobile accident or other accident caused by another party, you can request itemized statements to be sent to any attorney involved in the account. However, you will remain responsible for making payment on the account until the dispute is settled. We will follow all regulations related to accident coverage for patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

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