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Emergency Department

Millcreek Community Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine

Millcreek Community Hospital is licensed by the State as a Level II Emergency Services Facility providing the following measures twenty-four hours daily, seven days weekly: management of external hemorrhage; primary care and closure of wounds, administration of intravenous blood, fluids and drugs and intramuscular injection of drugs; immobilization of fractures; management of potentially lethal dysrhythmias with diagnostic electrocardiography; basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, definitive cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including external electrical defibrillation; treatment of poisoning; management of respiratory distress; and decompression of the pleural space. One qualified physician is present at all times who is capable of providing advanced life support. One registered nurse is available in the Emergency Department at all times. Specialists representing medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and anesthesiology are immediately available for consultation by telephone or radio and are able to report immediately to the emergency department. Ancillary services, such as Radiology, clinical laboratory, and pharmacy service are either staffed or have appropriate personnel on call at all times with a thirty-minute response time.

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