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Social Services

Social Services Department

The Social Services Department offers general social work services to all inpatients, out-patients and their families at Millcreek Community Hospital. Services offered are discharge planning, placement services, psychosocial assessments, short term counseling, information and/or referral, and transportation needs. The Social Services Department seeks to ensure that each patient receives a continuation of health care needs after hospitalization and is matched with the appropriate resources in the community.

The development and implementation of the policies and procedures concerning the scope of conduct of social work services are provided by qualified personnel under the direction of the Social Services Manager in collaboration with appropriate clinical and administrative representatives. The policies/procedures are consistent with hospital and medial staff rules and regulations relating to patient care.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers are needed to assist various hospital departments with filing, copying, assembling packets, special projects, etc. Hours are established between the volunteer coordinator and the volunteer. Volunteers can choose the hours they wish to volunteer as well as the department they want to volunteer in.

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